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"I think of a hero as someone who understands the degree of responsibility that comes with his freedom."

- Bob Dylan {American Musician}

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How it Works

The IDEAfunL (pronounced: idea funnel) is a tool for generating and developing great ideas to improve things. It helps us improve our site, it helps our community improve the world around us, it helps our clients improve their productrs and services, and it helps you improve the quality and clarity of your ideas.  It also helps everyone to learn how to give and receive valuable feedback with enables ideas to get better. 

For your idea to be a winning idea, it would need to go through 3 stages - the higher the stage, the more 'YES' votes it would take to bring it to the next stage. If an idea is successful in Stage 3, it will then move to the Winning Ideas section where it will be considered for action.

There are 4 main sections of the IDEAfunL:

  1. Voting Area - A place to review and vote on other people's ideas. Learn how to cast your vote.
  2. New Ideas - Submit your cool ideas here. Learn how to submit your own idea.
  3. My Ideas - You can see how your ideas are doing in the funL, and even draft out ideas that you plan to submit. Learn how to draft an idea.
  4. Winning Ideas - Check out which ideas have made it and get updates on how close they are to being a reality!

Idea Stages, Votes required, and points earned
Each topic varies and the votes required and points earned. See "stages and rewards" for ech one. Below an example of how many of topics work and what each stage is. 

  • Stage one - you need 2/3 Yes votes
  • Stage two - you need 7/10 Yes votes
  • Stage three - you need 16/20 Yes votes
  • Winner idea stage - Stage four - you need 33/39 Yes votes. This is a holding stage when we decide what to do next 
  • Stage five - we are not going to do anything with this idea right now
  • Stage six - we might do it 
  • Stage seven - we will do it
  • Stage eight - we are doing it
  • Stage nine - its done!
Do's and Don'ts

For our community to have a great IDEAfunL we all have to use it effectively. Here is our first draft of the do's and dont's....


  • put thought into your ideas before submitting them. It saves everyone time and energy.
  • be creative and think outside the box. It may take some revisions before being workable but you gotta start somewhere and ideas generate more ideas
  • offer constructive feedback. Whether you vote yes or no for other peoples ideas,  use your feedback to make the idea better.  


  • enter ideas just to get points - its a waste of everyones time
  • vote no just because you have seen the idea before. Just give feedback as to how to make it better. Duplicate ideas will be dealt with by the Moderators if appropriate.
  • identify yourself in the idea or in the summary
  • be negative. It's easy to rip ideas apart but it does little to help them or you

If we feel someone is 
'not doing what they know to be right' (ie: abusing the system) it will result in fines. Expect to lose at least 100 points for every time you do it and maybe more! You've been warned.



Make a Difference, Go in the Draw, or Earn points
All idea topics enable you make a difference by 'having your say'. Some topics also enable you to go in the draw for prizes. And some topics that are done for our clients even earn you points. Check the topic to find out how it works for each one. >

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