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"All big things in this world are done by people who are naive and have an idea that is obviously impossible."

- Dr. Frank Richards (1875-1961) English Writer

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local partner campaigns

CLOSED: How can my3P help grown-ups get Smarter Faster?
 - Stages and Rewards for this topic
Short Courses at the University of Auckland Business School are New Zealands premier supplier of two day courses that help people get smarter faster! There are over 200 courses including: Project Management, Marketing Management, Strategic Planning, and Strategic Negotiation. see for more info.

The Question: How could Short Courses get even more grown-ups onto their courses so that it raises the competency of the nation?

0 pending ideas
0 active ideas
128 returned ideas
2 winner ideas
Total: 130 ideas

CLOSED: How could my3P help BP to be peoples first choice when refuelling?
 - Stages and Rewards for this topic
BP could be the most proactive of all the big oil companies when it comes to developing renewable energy technoloigies like solar and bio-fuels. How can the my3P community encourage BP to do even more while helping them to make more profits in the process?

*note: this topic will only be live till June 30th so get your ideas in now!

0 pending ideas
0 active ideas
387 returned ideas
13 winner ideas
Total: 400 ideas

CLOSED: How can we best use 20 HP Photo Printers to grow the community?
 - Stages and Rewards for this topic
THIS TOPIC IS NOW CLOSED. Thanks for all your ideas.

HP would like to see our community grow so that they can start to help us more. To help us grow, they have given us 20 HP Photosmart 375 photo printers. Tell us how you think we can use them to grow the community and if your idea is chosen - you get to keep one of the printers for yourself. Plus of course you get all the points for having a winner idea.

0 pending ideas
0 active ideas
89 returned ideas
2 winner ideas
Total: 91 ideas

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