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"You can stand tall without standing on someone. You can be a victor without having victims."

- Harriet Woods (1927-) American Politician

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Making Movies
Create videos of your clients that can be sent to their loved ones or kept for remembrance! This would involve a little more artistic talents as you might be the next Peter Jackson!
You get to attend cool parties, weddings, and other important gatherings. Take loads of pictures for them and get paid for something that you enjoy!
Photo Organising
People love to take pictures but organising them getting hundreds of photos into albums is a big job. You can do this for them and at the same check out how goofy they look back in the 80’s.
Car Washing Service
Why not wash some cars on a hot summer's day? You'll earn some money and get wet!
Washing Windows
People just hate looking through a dirty window. Clean it till it sparkles and they will love you - and pay you too!
Computer Cleaning
Computers, just like all your household objects, need cleaning. It is often missed out and a dirty computer does affect its performance. Why not start a business to meet this growing need?
Computer Servicing
Solve your neighbourhood computer problems by offering a cheaper solution: YOU! Get paid an hourly rate to face challenges posed by the ever-changing computer glitches that your neighbours are so sick and tired of.
Word Processing
Think you are a wizz on the keyboard? Prove it by earning cash from those who hate typing! You get to do this all in the comfort of your own home!
Computer Tutor
In the age of modern technology, you will be surprised that many people out there wish they know how to use a computer. And they go to you to teach them!
ddfv f WeHelp
ddfv f WeHelp
Garage Sales
Help your neighbours get rid of stuff by selling it for them.
Help neighbours, family, friends to look after their kids when they go out.
Pet Services
Look after peoples PETS when they can't
Online Auctions & Classifieds
Sell new or used stuff online with eBay / Trademe / or any other online auction or classifieds site.
Worm Farming / Fertiliser Sales
Make and sell indoor/outdoor fertiliser and compost from your worm farm / composter
Garbage / Rubbish Bin Service
Take out & bring back rubbish/garbage bins for people
Lawn Maintenance
Mow lawns, pull weeds, cut hedges, rake leaves - whatever it takes to make your clients' yards look great!
Pool Cleaning
Fancy a swim in the pool? Why not help clean the pool that you are going to jump into?

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